ONS FONDS laat zich inspireren door uiteenlopende denkers, initiatieven, bewegingen en tendensen in de samenleving, zoals de sport, de stedenbouw en de burgerparticipatie.

The fastest growing sport in the Netherlands, Frisbee, is our great inspiration. Frisbee is a sport without referees, even at world championships. The players are responsible for the course and regulation of the game. As a player and as a team, you question yourself and your opponent. This self-regulating ethical behavior makes Frisbee unique.

The players commit to what is called the Spirit of the Game: respect for your opponent, knowing the rules of the game, not deliberately making mistakes, fair play, and sportsmanship. At the end of each game, players from both teams come together in a circle and discuss how the match transpired. The players give each other points on the basis of the spirit. The one with the most spirit points is awarded the Spirit Prize — a prize that is more highly regarded than winning the Frisbee match itself.

ONS FONDS is inspired by Frisbee. We seek to incorporate its principles in developing our own ethical code and make peer-to-peer assessment feasible.

Shared space is a new way of spatial design in urban areas, in which signs, road markings and traffic lights are removed at intersections. The result is that road users will be more alert and safety will increase. Users are activated, more friendly (‘you go for it!’) and as a result fewer accidents occur. The Shared Space behind Amsterdam Central Station or at a roundabout in Drachten (NL) are well known examples. ONS FONDS is inspired by these self-regulating spaces. Less rules, more trust.

G1000 is an initiative that aims to increase the participation of citizens in democratic processes. It enacts a participatory democracy, where 1000 citizens, instead of elected representatives, decide what is on the political agenda. G1000 is an example of self-regulation and a peer-to-peer approach for ONS FONDS. It also works with a system of drawing lots – which will be used by ONS FONDS to select members for the assessment committee. For more information about G1000 and the numerous projects in Dutch municipalities :