We are! ONS FONDS is its members. We are involved throughout the performing arts: in theater, dance, mime, music theatre and performance. We work in large auditoriums, small venues, at festivals and in education. We are artists, communication workers, technicians, dramaturges, cashiers, teachers, policy makers, curators and performers. We believe that experimentation in the arts takes place not only on stage, but also in the structures behind it.

There is an active core group responsible for the membership campaign and the organization of the first trial of ONS FONDS. At the moment they are: Anne van de Wetering, Marte Boneschansker, Luc de Groen, Iris Spanbroek, Barbara Van Lindt, Anneke Jansen, Noah Voelker, Fransien van der Putt, Jennifer van Exel, Marijn Prakke, Bart van de Woestijne, and Joep van der Geest.

The core group can always use reinforcement! To become an active core member and to support us in practical and substantive matters send an email to: info@onsfonds.com